Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

Lewis Tree Service is Our Company

Lewis Tree Service is 100% employee owned. We are proud members of a robust employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) where everyone has a stake in keeping us a safe and profitable company. We recognize that every Lewis employee has the ability to make a difference and, because we all have an investment in the outcome of our company, we are fully engaged.  We believe that employee ownership makes us more, productive, innovative and motivated.

What is an ESOP?

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is a tax-qualified retirement plan authorized and encouraged by federal tax and pension laws. ESOPs are similar to-and governed by some of the same laws and regulations as- 401(k) plans. In other ways, however, ESOPs are quite different from 401(k)s. 

When Companies launch an ESOP, they form a trust that purchases some or all the company's shares and holds these shares in retirement accounts for employees. When the stock value increases or decreases, so does the value of employees' accounts. 

Unlike 401(k)s, most ESOPs require no out-of-pocket contribution from employees. For employees who feel hard presseed to make an out-of-pocket contribution to a 401(k), an ESOP might be the only plan in which they can afford.

America's Largest Majority
​​​​​​​Employee-Owned Companies

The NCEO's 2020 Employee Ownership 100 list includes the nation's largest companies that are at least 50% owned by an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) or other broad-based employee ownership olan. Many are 100% employee-owned. 
"At Lewis, we're empowered to make the right decisions for our customers and our company. As employee owners, we know that our actions benefit everyone - not just ourselves. We're a team."
Laura Barnard Division Manager
"As an employee owner, I take greater ownership of my job. I'm proud of the work and feel like I'm working for myself as much as I'm working for the company."
Rob Wedda General Foreperson
"I like our ESOP because of the money! To earn it, you have to run your operation efficiently and get the tools needed for the job without wasting money."

Dan Noonan Supervisor
"Employee ownership means being an educator and resource for employees in the field on how everyone makes a difference!"

Michaele-Lynne Beckstein HR Business Partner
"I believe that employee ownership is more than being a good employee. As an owner of Lewis Tree Service, I feel a responsibility to do the best for the company each day regardless of it's my job or not. It's my responsibility to work hard not just for me but for all who share in the ownership of our company. Our ESOP provides our employees a benefit that they may have never been able to afford for themselves but our ownership culture provides the knowledge that we have each other's back and support to do the right thing for the company and each other."
Rita Tucker ESOP Manager
"Lewis Tree Service has a caring environment with a lot of support. It's like being part of a family!"
Arturo Ortiz Area Manager
"The crew doesn't care what you know until they know you care. I feel like it's extremely important to show your team how much you care and give them love when they are doing a great job. We shake hands, we hug, we high five, and we spread love in 27. We are all one group and are safe and productive."
Tony Lane Supervisor

Did You Know?

An ESOP is a retirement plan and so much more. ESOPs provide unique benefits to the employee owners, the instiutions, and the surrounding communities that they are involved with. ESOPs have been proven to:
  • motivate employees
  • increase productivity
  • improve employee retention
  • excel at employee training
  • keep jobs local,
  • counter wealth inequality
  • contribute to business health and longevity

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