Military & Veterans
​​​​​​​Field Operations
During your time in the military you have acquired valuable skills and a respected work ethic. You are looking for a career that will allow you to build upon your military experience and to continue to push yourself to learn and grow. In field operations at Lewis, you will learn on the job, surrounded by a team of individuals who always have your back and a leadership team who empowers you to achieve success. 

Why Lewis?



At Lewis, safety is a way of life, it is one of our mission-critical values supported by a commitment from leadership at the highest levels of our organization. We work continually to eliminate risk and improve safety practices, striving to learn and grow every day. We are proud of the engagement leadership has in keeping everyone safe.


Our people are our most important asset, that is why their health, happiness, and future matter most to us. It’s way more than a paycheck—it’s a stable work environment where you can enjoy a rewarding career. Benefits at Lewis Tree Service are focused on taking care of you both while you are employed here and beyond.

Growth & Development

We believe in hiring diverse talent, and investing to develop that talent. We provide specialized training, internship opportunities and career advancement. We are commited to investing in our people and providing them with the opportunity to have a career that they are proud of.
" I like to tell people during onboarding that Lewis Tree Service is the most ethical company I've ever worked for in my life - I'd say the same thing to anyone looking. Again, we're treated like family. Also, the benefits far exceed what I had in the past. Everyone has the same medical benefits from the groundsperon on up. Most importantly, we're honest. If those are elements of the military that you value, Lewis might be the perfect fit. "
Stephen Chase Supervisor
​​​​​​​Like the military, every job, every day, is different here. What type of rigging? What type of ropoing? It's a hazardous job where everybody's life depends on one another. Tree workers are a brotherhood. That's where most veterans are coming from, too. We're accustomed to looking out for each other.
Myrl Clark Service Team Leader

No Experience Required – We will train you from the ground up.


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