Military & Veterans

This Could Be Your Next Big Mission

Whether you are a veteran, reservist, or active military, you are starting to explore what's next in your career. How do you take those skills and work ethic you’ve acquired during your time in the service and translate them to a career outside of the military?

At Lewis Tree Service, we are one team leading one company. We are first responders and are responsible for ensuring the electricity stays on.
We know that the transition to life outside of the military might not be easy, but are here to support and prepare you for a rewarding career in vegetation management. We are confident that we can teach you the skills needed to be successful in this industry–and that your military experience will be invaluable to us.

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Field Operations
During your time in the military you have acquired valuable skills and a respected work ethic. We know that you are looking for more than a job, you are looking for somewhere that will allow you to build upon  your military experience and continue to push yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and grow. In our field operations you will start from the ground up, surrounded by a team of individuals who always have your back and a leadership team who is supportive and dedicated to your growth and empowering you to achieve success.
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Operations Management
The leadership skills and experience you acquired during your time in the military is invaluable and translate over perfectly to a career in operations management. We know that leadership in the military means producing exceptional results under extreme conditions and ensuring the safety of your team. At Lewis, we relentlessly pursue excellence and safety through our highly talented people – people that you will be leading.