At Lewis Tree Service, We Create Safety 

​​​​​​​Our mission is to relentlessly pursue the success of our customers and employees through our commitment to safety, service, learning, and innovation. Safety is more than a word in our mission, it is in our DNA, and it is what differentiates us from the rest. Not only do we empower our employees to share their experiences openly without the fear of getting fired, you will find our leadership team out in the field with our people. 

"At Lewis, we relentlessly live our mission of pursuing success through safety, and we know that this starts with leadership. Our leadership is dedicated to not only creating a culture of safety, but have it integrated into everything that we do each day. It is our obligation to invest in one another’s personal as well as career success - our people are our family. We take care of and look after each other. This is what differentiates us – our commitment to our people." 
Dennis Brown Senior VP & COO
Culture of Learning
At Lewis Tree Service, we have shifted to a culture of learning. We utilize after action reviews to not only discuss what went wrong, but to also discuss what went right. We can learn just as much from our successes as we can from our “failures” which is why we encourage our employees to share, share, share. 

We ask our people what was expected to happen? what actually happened? what surprised you? how can what you experienced today be different tomorrow? what can be improved? what went well? what did we learn that would help others? how can we support you? 

Above all, our employees are not only our greatest asset, they are family. We have integrated safety into everything that we do to ensure our family goes home safely every day. ​​​​​​​
Lewis Safety Team
The Safety Team at Lewis is comprised of a group of individuals who have done the work and has firsthand experience as to what it is like to do the work. They have extensive knowledge when it comes to tools, personal protective equipment, techniques, vegetation management, and more.

They are dedicated to supporting, developing, and educating our people with all things safety. They foster a culture that promotes learning and innovation through the integration of safety into everything that we do.

The Safety Team at Lewis is constantly pushing the envelope to exceed industry standards when it comes to safety and set the bar exceptionally high.
Safety Through Innovation
At Lewis Tree Service, we are proud to partner with The Ohio State University Cognitive Systems Enginnering Lab which focuses on innovation at the intersection of people, technology, and work allowing us to rethink how we imagine safety. 

Cognitive Systems Engineering studies human behavior with the intent of positively changing human behavior / performance in a complex, dynamic, and uncertain worlds.

Through our partnership we are able to work with some of the most well-known brands in the industry and collaborate with distinguished researches in the field to create and implement innovative solutions to safety allowing us to take a proactive approach and anticipate potential safety hazards.